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Terms and Conditions
Vaessen Psychology




Article 1: Definitions and terms

  • Customer: the person or persons who receive services by mutual agreement from Vaessen Psychology (hereinafter referred to as “Indira Vaessen”).

  • Contractor: Indira Vaessen, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 89995732. Indira Vaessen provides services in the field of coaching, positive psychology, workshops and training.

  • Client: the person or body, or any official successor(s), who have agreed on an assignment with Indira Vaessen for the provision of services in the aforementioned areas. The client in question has the payment obligation of the agreed rate to Indira Vaessen for the services provided/to be provided. This unless stipulated otherwise in writing in consultation with Indira Vaessen. The client and the customer can but do not have to be the same person.

  • Third parties: Indira Vaessen can change the composition of the team, provided this is for the benefit of the (potential) services provided. Changes will be stated in writing and communicated to the relevant persons (customers and/or principals).

  • Order amount: the amount agreed upon and signed in writing as compensation for the services provided/to be provided by Indira Vaessen.

  • No rights can be derived from the tacit non-application of the general terms and conditions. Exceptions to the application of the general terms and conditions are only valid if they have been communicated and agreed in advance in writing.

Article 2: Application of General Terms and Conditions

  • These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to any form of services or goods provided by Indira Vaessen in the areas mentioned in Article 1.

  • These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to assignments, including those involved (customer/client/third parties).

  • Indira Vaessen has the right to change or adjust the General Terms and Conditions in a reasonable manner.

Article 3: Quotations and offers

  • All quotations and offers are based on the information provided voluntarily to Indira Vaessen by the customer or client.

  • All quotations and offers are without obligation.

  • All quotations and offers, unless stated otherwise in writing, are valid until the stated date. After this, no rights can be derived from the underlying offer.

  • If it is reasonably determined by the contractor that the underlying quotation contains a mistake or error, the customer or client cannot be held to the quotation.

  • If the assignment usually changes its execution, resulting in additional work than agreed in the original assignment amount, additional costs may be charged on the basis of the extra effort. This will be made known in good time before changing the order. This must be agreed in writing by both the contractor and the client/customer.

Article 4: Effort obligation

  • Indira Vaessen must provide the services it offers to the best of its knowledge and skills. However, this is a best efforts obligation, which means that Indira Vaessen withdraws from the responsibility to achieve the goal of the customer and/or client, nor that the services provided/to be provided contribute to the stated goal of the customer and/or client.

  • If, due to illness or force majeure on the part of Indira Vaessen, the contact moment cannot take place or the assignment cannot be fulfilled, a suitable solution will be offered in agreement. Indira Vaessen has the right, in agreement with the client and/or customer, to find a replacement who, to the best of her knowledge, can fulfill the assignment in a comparable way. Indira Vaessen is not obliged to adjust the contract amount.

Article 5: Information provision

  • Indira Vaessen will only request data from the client and/or customer if this is necessary for the fulfillment of the agreed assignment.

  • Indira Vaessen is not responsible for potential errors that may occur when providing (personal) data of the client and/or customer is incorrect.

Article 6: Obligations of the client and/or customer

  • In the event of absence during conversations or other forms of contact, the client and/or customer must make his absence known in good time. This is possible up to 24 hours before the agreed date and time of the contact. If this has not been fulfilled, the assignment sum for the unfulfilled time must still be paid. Unless otherwise agreed in advance with Indira Vaessen.

  • In the event of force majeure, an appropriate solution will be agreed with Indira Vaessen.

  • Changes in the form of contact will be made known to Indira Vaessen in writing or by telephone in advance. This includes the involvement of third parties by the client and/or the customer.

Article 7: Payments, rates and costs

  • Payments of the agreed contract sum must be made within the time specified on the relevant invoice. Unless otherwise agreed in writing. If no term has been agreed, a term of 14 days will be used.

  • The services are indicated on the website including VAT. A detailed overview of the prices can be requested by means of a quotation.

  • The services include the provision of the relevant services. This means that additional costs, for example, but not limited to, travel costs, delivery costs or levies imposed by the government are not included in the rates and must be paid by the client and/or customer themselves.

  • The costs of the services to be provided can, provided that this has been agreed in writing in advance, be paid in a manner desired by the client and/or customer. This means that, in agreement with Indira Vaessen, an arrangement can be made for payment of the entire contract sum.

  • After the due date of the invoice, the client is immediately in default and the client and/or customer will owe Indira Vaessen the statutory interest on the invoice amount, without any notice of default being required. Indira Vaessen is also entitled to suspend all services still to be provided in accordance with the agreement, without breaking the agreement. In addition, Indira Vaessen is entitled to terminate the agreement unilaterally.

  • In the event that the client and/or customer is in default, all costs in connection therewith that Indira Vaessen must incur will be borne by the client and/or customer.

  • In the event of a payment arrangement and default by the client and/or customer of a partial invoice within this arrangement, the same rules apply as described in this article above. Indira Vaessen is then also entitled to demand the entire contract sum.

  • Participation in the services offered is completely voluntary, if the client and/or customer decides to terminate his participation, he will not escape the payment obligation of the assignment amount. Unless otherwise agreed in writing. In that case, the client and/or customer is also not entitled to a replacement activity or service.

Article 8: Liability and risk

  • Under no circumstances is Indira Vaessen liable for any damage (direct or indirect) to the client and/or customer that has arisen through/during/after the services or products provided by or on behalf of Indira Vaessen.

  • As described in article 4, Indira Vaessen is only committed to a best efforts obligation. This means that Indira Vaessen is not liable for failure to achieve the goals set by the client and/or customer for entering into the relevant services.

  • Complaints must be submitted in writing to Indira Vaessen, after which a response will follow within an appropriate time. Submitting a complaint does not evade the client and/or customer's obligation to pay the contract amount.

Article 9: Copyright and Intellectual Property

  • All products, documents or other forms of relevant documents provided to the client and/or customer by or on behalf of Indira Vaessen are protected by copyright. These, but not limited to, documents are exclusively intended for use by the client and/or customer and may not be distributed to third parties or made public without written permission from Indira Vaessen.

Article 10: Integrity and Confidentiality

  • Everything that has come to the attention of Indira Vaessen for information or during contact with a client and/or customer will be treated with integrity. In addition, Indira Vaessen must comply with a duty of confidentiality. Unless written permission has been granted by the client and/or customer or when a life-threatening situation arises for anyone related to the contact / assignment.

Article 11: Other provisions

  • If any provision of these general terms and conditions is invalid, all other provisions will remain legally valid and fully applicable.

  • Dutch law applies to the agreement between the contractor and the client and/or customer.

  • Under no circumstances should the services provided by Indira Vaessen be regarded as a replacement for therapy, medical or alternative medicine or treatment when these forms of treatment/guidance are deemed necessary.

  • Making recordings (both video and audio) is not allowed if agreed in writing prior to the contact.

  • If the contractor changes its name, legal form or company name, these General Terms and Conditions will continue to apply.


Tilburg, April 24, 2023

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