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To help you with your questions, I offer coaching in the form of 1-on-1 conversations. In addition, we can also zoom in on your strengths through a coaching package. Below you can see which form of coaching may suit you.

Are you unsure, or would you rather find out together? No problem!

Then schedule a free introduction.

1:1 Coaching

I offer 1-on-1 coaching in which we will zoom in on your unique story together. As a positive psychologist, I focus on the strengths you possess that can help you.

Of course there is room for all emotions, whether they are positive or negative. I look at your request for help with a solution-oriented look.

Character Strengths Coaching

Are you looking for your strong qualities that characterize you as a person? And are you also looking for better application of these properties?


Coaching focused on Character Strengths can help you to find out which positive qualities you possess and which you could still develop.

We'll dive into your list of traits together, and I'll offer you a portfolio afterwards with all the information for upcoming challenges.

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