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Character Strengths Coaching

Character Strengths or positive traits: everyone has them, but not everyone is aware of them. They characterize our personal norms and values. We use positive character traits (unconsciously or consciously) in different areas of our lives. For example, we can make good use of our social intelligence in social occasions, or use a good sense of justice at work. This way you have a 'toolbox' of positive traits that you use where useful or necessary.

Even when we encounter problems or undergo negative experiences, we can use our strengths. This may be difficult, or it may be difficult at the moment to see which strengths you possess and how you could use them to help yourself.

With Character Strengths Coaching, I help you focus on the positive character traits you already possess and which you could develop further. Together we will work to improve the knowledge and use of your own 'toolbox'. This allows you to rely on yourself even more when you need it.

Trust and Authenticity

Whether you want to use your talents for personal growth or learn to deal better with setbacks: being able to get the most out of yourself is important to learn to trust yourself and to stimulate authenticity.

The coaching

The Character Strengths Coaching trajectory is based on the 3-element working model of Niemiec (2013): Aware-Explore-Apply. In addition, a fourth step is often added to ensure that the acquired knowledge is retained and that it can always be used from now on (Maintain). Each step of the model therefore contains at least one session (60 minutes), so that we can reflect on each element. The steps can each be expanded with one or more coaching sessions, we make this choice together based on your goal(s). The decision is of course up to you.

Character Strengths Coaching

  • 4 Coaching sessions

  • Extensive 24-strength report (worth €44.77)

  • Portfolio about your coaching process, relevant interventions and general tips & tricks

Investment basic package

Per extension session €60,-

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